Friday, August 14, 2015

Interview with Jason Tagmire

Jason Tagmire, head of Button Shy Games

Doug: Howdy, Internet! I’m sitting down today with Jason Tagmire, owner (president? CEO? boss?) of Button Shy Games. Currently, Jason is running a Kickstarter for the fifth, sixth, and seventh entries into his “wallet line”. Jason, you launched at 10 am on Wednesday, and when I checked back at 4 pm that same day, you were already 150% funded. At the time of publication here, you're 400.9% funded. You are KILLING it! That’s gotta feel good, right?

Jason: It does feel good! Kickstarter is always unpredictable. Even after doing this a handful of times, I still never know what to expect. It could be an off day. Another campaign might launch at the same time and take the focus away. So many factors. But this one is off to a great start. Keeping that momentum requires pulling out all of the stops and the Kickstarter tricks, so here we go.

All three games from the current Kickstarter.