Monday, January 20, 2014

Preview: Sails of Glory ship packs

So a kickstarter reward landed on my porch recently.  My Marine level backing of Sails of Glory arrived, right ahead of the game landing in stores. This game takes the miniatures combat they refined with Wings of Glory and applies it to Napoleonic era ship combat.  I received four (currently Kickstarter only) ships, two frigates and two Ships of the Line.  I wanted to let people get a feel for the contents of these ship boxes here.  (Note, while I talk about four ships being received, at the time of writing this article I discovered one of my cats had hidden the second frigate.)

Each pack, for roughly sixteen US dollars, contains one ship, a base, a double sided ship card to go in the base, the control panel piece, and the maneuver deck.  Be gentle opening the boxes as the box does double as excellent storage for your ships.  These ships are currently listed as Kickstarter only... for now.  They may be for sale later but Ares Games has not yet decided.  To use the ships in full proper play, at least one player needs to have the Sails of Glory starter box. More images below the break...

Sails of Glory can be purchased from Ares Games or your Friendly Local Game Store! More information about the game can be found on Boardgamegeek

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