Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Under Two Reviews #2 - Gravwell: Escape the 8th Dimension, by Corey Young

"Under Two Reviews" is a weekly video series in which we take a look at tabletop games and present them to our readers in under two minutes.

Gravwell: Escape the 8th Dimension is a really long name for a game. For health and safety reasons, we're going to shorten the name to "Gravwell" But only for a little while!
Rather than tell you that it's a game about using your opponents moves to get ahead, how about we show you instead? It'll be quick. I promise.

Enjoy the video after the jump!

Read more about Gravwell at the Cryptozoic Entertainment website.

See what others have to say about  Gravwell in the forums at

Gravwell: Escape the 8th Dimension is a Mensa Select 2014 Winner, and is published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Randy Navarro is not a Mensa Select Winner, but he did escape from the 9th dimension. The 9th dimension isn't as cool as the 8th dimension, were no movies or games made about that it. It's pretty boring. He's currently in Dallas, TX

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