Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DFWNN Custom Summoner Wars Deck

JR and I have been discussing creating a Nerd Night faction in Summoner Wars for a while. Custom factions are pretty common in the Summoner Wars community but as this is Nerd Night specific, I figured I would share this here as well. No it isn't a playable deck! I'm sure it's incredibly broken :), but please enjoy.

DFW Nerd Night Faction
Nate "The Beard" Summoner of the Nerd Night 2/6 R: Into the Fold - Once per turn, instead of attacking with "The Beard", choose a common unit within 3 spaces of "The Beard". You may spend a number of Magic Points equal to the chosen Unit's Summon Cost to take control of that unit. "The Beard" cannot control more than 2 units at a time this way.

Jayahre, Champion of the Nerd Night 3/7/7 Melee: The First Rule - At the beginning of your attack phase roll a die. On a result of 3 or higher Jayahre gains one reroll for this turn, but if used, the second results must be kept. If 1-2 is rolled Jayahre is unable to attack.

Darf, Champion of the Nerd Night 2/5/5 Range: Built from Nothing - Once per turn pay 1 magic for Darf to move a wall that he is adjacent to up to two straight-line spaces. When moving a Wall it may move through Common Units, but must end its move on an empty space. When a Wall moves through a Unit, roll a die. On a result of 4 or higher that Unit receives 1 Wound Marker.

Ace, Champion of the Nerd Night 1/6/5 Range: Vegan Rage - Ace gains one Attack Value for every adjacent enemy Unit.

New Player Common of the Nerd Night 1/2/1 Melee: Headstrong - Before this New Player moves, roll a die. On a result of 4 or higher, this New Player may move an additional 3 clear straight-line spaces.

Rule Stickler 2/2/2 Melee: Can't Do That - Common or Champion enemy units that begin a turn adjacent to this Rule Stickler have no abilities during that turn.

Silent Lurker 1/1/1 Range: Riding the Coat-tails - Add one to the Attack Value for each friendly Champion or Summoner that is adjacent to this unit.

Beginner's Luck X3: This card is not played during your Event Phase. When a friendly Common Unit would take wounds from an attack discard this card. If any misses were rolled in the attack, all wounds are ignored.

Cannot be Stopped X2: Choose a friendly Common Unit or pay two magic to choose a friendly Champion or Summoner, the chosen Unit may attack twice this turn.

All the Tricks in the Book X1: Choose an enemy wall: Immediately place your Summoner and two friendly Common Units adjacent to that wall if able.

The Crowd Effect: "The Beard" gains the following Special Ability until the end of this turn: TEMPORARY CONVERSION - Spend 3 magic point to take control of up to
three enemy common units until the end of this turn. These units can either be within 3 spaces of your Summoner or adjacent to a friendly unit.

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