Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Under Two Reviews #8: Krosmaster Arena by Nicolas Degouy & Édouard Guiton

"Under Two Reviews" is a weekly video series in which we take a look at tabletop games and present them to our readers in under two minutes.

War. War never changes... Two adorable factions enter the arena for battle in this tactical skirmish game. Watch our video and learn how you too can take part in the war.
It'll be quick. I promise.

Enjoy the video after the jump!

Learn to play Krosmaster Arena with this interactive demo right now!
Krosmaster Arena is published in the US by Japanime Games 

Krosmaster Arena is based on characters from the Dofus and Wakfu MMOs and Cartoons. Fans of the cartoons will be pleased to know that there are Krosmaster versions of some of the main characters. You can get a Yugo at the boardgamegeek store.

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