Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Help Us Help Children Fighting Cancer

The Nerds' Table has been selected as one of nine content creators to participate in Jamey Stegmaier's Charity Auction on Board Game Geek.

From Jamey's post:

Welcome to our 2014 charity auction! Just like last year, when we raised over $2,200 for 13 different charities, we're celebrating the upcoming second printing of Euphoria (in English, German, French, and Czech) by featuring 9 new bloggers and podcasters to participate in this year's auction.

Here's how it works:

This Geeklist is comprised of 9 separate auctions, each for a copy of Euphoria Ultra Supreme. Each auction is attributed to one of our favorite podcasters or bloggers. The auctions will start on October 1 and end on Wednesday, October 8 at noon (CST). Payments will be submitted to us via PayPal ( after the auctions close, and the games will be shipped within a few days.

We're supporting, a charity whose mission is "To help every kid fighting cancer to Never Give Up". I was made aware of after writing my goodbye to Mathias, a friend I made through our gaming nights at the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Worth. Mathias recently lost his battle with leukemia. The Nerds' Table's participation in this auction is in honor of him.

More details below!

Bids must increase in increments of at least $1 USD. Bidding starts at $1.

--The auction that garners the highest winning bid will have 100% of the bid go to the blogger's charity. For the all other auctions, 50% of the winning bid goes to that blogger’s charity unless the final bid is over $250, in which case 75% of the winning bid will go to the charity.
--The auction that garners the most thumbs will receive a complimentary copy of our next game. So you can support your favorite bloggers and podcasters without bidding at all!

The winning bidder of each auction will receive:

--1 copy of Euphoria Supreme signed by the designers. This special version of Euphoria includes realistic resource tokens, a double-sided game board, alternate-art “faceless” recruit cards, wooden authority stars, extra commodity tokens, box sleeve, and an extra set of 24 dice.
--1 set of 16 brand-new updated recruit cards and 1 quick reference guide (a second-printing addition).
--Everything will be punched and sorted in a platinum-blue, limited-edition Game Trayz insert and organizer. (All components fit snuggly inside the tray and do not shift around, as demonstrated by the shake test video:
--Free shipping anywhere in the world.

The highest bidder out of all of the individual auctions will receive double the number of realistic resource tokens and commodity tokens.

Thanks for supporting these amazing charities, these talented bloggers, and Stonemaier Games!

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