Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gen Con 2014 Designer/Publisher Speed Dating Coverage

Gen Con, aptly nicknamed "The Best Four Days In Gaming", is an event of such size and scale that it can't be experienced fully in one visit. It's the only place I know where you can find anything you'd want from the gaming world.

Of the many events scheduled during Gen Con, "Designer/Publisher Speed Dating" is among the most interesting. James Mathe and his team have created an event designed to provide game designers the chance to demo their games for publishers large and small, and to do so in a structured, rapid-fire environment that promotes professionalism and efficiency. 

I got permission from James to cover the Saturday evening edition of the event, and arranged a series of interviews with game designers Drake Philyaw and Kelsey Domeny (Two Penny Games) and with publishers Jeff and Nathan Cornelius (Cosmic Wombat Games) and Daniel Hadlock and Seth Jaffe (Tasty Minstrel Games).

The interviews with Kelsey and Drake are focused on their preparation for their first Speed Dating event, and what they expected from and experienced during the event. The interviews with Cosmic Wombat and TMG focus around their preferences and expectations of the designers during the event. 

We recorded the full 6-minute presentation of "Epoch Rift" by Two Penny Games that was given to Cosmic Wombat and TMG and included this in the playlist as well. 

I've embedded the YouTube playlist for our videos - click the arrows at the bottom to move to the next video in the series, or watch the videos straight through.

List of Videos: 

1) A brief interview with James Mathe, the creator of the event.
2) TMG's expectations for the event
3) Two Penny Games' expectations for the event, and their preparation for their first event.
4) Cosmic Wombat's expectations for the event
5) Epoch Rift demo'd to Cosmic Wombat
6) Epoch Rift demo'd to TMG
7) Cosmic Wombat's experience and recap
8) TMG's experience and recap (bonus guest!)
9) Kelsey and Drake's impressions of the event

Thanks to my cameraman John Staton and producer Cody Lewis for hours and hours of following me around getting footage during Gen Con!

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Designer/Publisher Speed Dating at BGG Con 2014

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