Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Under Two Reviews #18 Sheriff of Nottingham by Sergio Halaban & Andre Zatz

"Under Two Reviews" is a weekly video series in which we take a look at tabletop games and present them to our readers in under two minutes.

Prince John gets all of the best stuff. Gouda cheese, pumpernickel bread, green apples. All of these things are banned for sale to the common folk. But the problem is, common folk are your best customers. They're also your only customers, since Prince John isn't about to shop at some lowly market stall. Watch the video and learn just how you can sell tasty pumpernickel bread and make a few coins in the proccess.
It'll be quick, I promise.

Enjoy the video after the jump!

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Randy Navarro still doesn't understand why a lion would ever want gouda cheese.
It's one of the great mysteries, here in Dallas, TX.

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